The Art Of Love

by Optimistic Apocalypse

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released February 24, 2017

Optimistic Apocalypse - The Art Of Love

Recorded by Gabriel Poland at Burn Forever Records
Produced by Gabriel Poland & Mckenzie Lee Sprague
Mastered by John Johnston

All songs written by Mckenzie Lee Sprague

Mckenzie Lee Sprague - Lead and Backup Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Percussion, OmniChord, Guitalele, Banjo
Lauren Joyce - Backup Vocals
Gabriel Poland - Guitar
Brooke Surgener - Mandolin
Jess Scutella - Whistles, Percussion
Josiah Poland - Synthesizer

Cover Art by Mckenzie Lee Sprague

(c) Optimistic Apocalypse 2017



all rights reserved


Optimistic Apocalypse Erie, Pennsylvania

Freelance Artist/Musician from Erie, Pa

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Track Name: The Jelly
I could keep my eyes
my eyes on the sun
I could go could go and be the one
I don't eat when I stay here for some time
Its been a while since I've dreamt in my own bed
I miss my bed
I miss my mom and my home
I miss that little soul thats in the next room
I miss the way that I felt
I miss the way that I had no fears
Why do you say? Why do you say these things?
Why do you say, why do you say these things?
The fear it sits deep within my belly
And all I taste, all I taste is jelly
Why do you say all of these things?
What does it bring? What does it bring
Track Name: The Plant
Keep it, keep it underground
like a plant that has over, over and over, over again
Each seed you plant is a friend
Track Name: The Mind
How, how, how do you lose your mind?
You lost it all in the back of your mind
You built it up for such a long time
I don't need, don't need, don't need a point of view
You can be, can be, can be you
Now, now, now i'll try

how, how, how do you lose your mind?
You're in a field of frost dandelions
You find a skull or what its left behind
we all need, all need, all need each other more
We all could be so much more
Now, now, now you try

How, how, how do you lose your mind?
Track Name: The Relapse
How many times have you been alone?
Can you keep track?
Or is it getting old?
Now we can laugh cause no one is home
How many times can you relapse?
can you relapse?
can you relax?
can you relapse?
Track Name: The Uncertainty
Can i ever, will i ever drown?
If i chose that who would look down on me?
you'll see
Can you ever, will you settle down?
when you choose to, will you look around for me?
you'll see
Track Name: The Fucking Shit Waltz
You've got me addicted to
What you're addicted to
So your heart can look the other way
What will that do?
It can only misconstrue
What we cannot delay

run away

Fuck the world thats what they get
People making all these bets
oh, look the other way
What will that do
it will only miscontstrue
What we all have made
Run away
Track Name: The Thoughts
I thought you might, i thought you might
creep into my world tonight
I thought could, i knew you would
teach me how to dance
The words are right, the words are wrong
you hear about it in a song
I knew you could, i thought you would

love me again
Track Name: The Wrap Around
Can you ever truly be so happy
when you're whole heartedly misplaced into space
you're losing your mind now
and where's your face?
its wrapped around a tree
Full of insanity
They're all dead now
They're out of sight
Wrest your head now
You can sleep tight
Can you ever truly be so happy, most definitely
you never fall
until you drown
in the inch of water in your house
you're wrapped around a tree
and they're all dead now, no one can see
they're out of sight, and you are free
to say goodbye now, let them be
Track Name: The Sea
When I see you, I don't want to be you
Don't you see through me?
When I meet you and I greet you
You're my fantasty
Won't you let me be?
You don't have to be so mean
You don't have to be so lean
Come, come and sit with me
You don't have to be so mean

This world is tragic, there's all this havic
that has come from me
You're going nowhere, i'm going nowhere
we could have sailed the sea
but you were just so mean
won't you let me be?
you don't have to be so mean
you don't have to be so lean
a-come, come and sit with me
you don't have to be so mean
Track Name: The Ways
All these fucked up days
will defeat you some say
all these vicious ways won't go away
you are talking to yourself, talking to yourself
talking to yourself
Go at your own rate if your backs about to break
Britalness is great
Don't go away, don't go away
You are talking to yourself, talking to yourself
Talking to yourself
All these fucked up days
Will defeat you some say
All these vicious ways
Won't go away